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Saskatoon, SK

We went through multiple different scheduling platforms before finding 7shifts. Once we started using 7shifts life became much more simple. They are always there for support, improving their system and listening to what the restaurant needs! I could not be happier.

Amy Holowach | Full Service

Chez Billy Sud

Georgetown, WA

7shifts has made my life so. much. easier. Employees have more control over their schedule - they can enter their availability, time off requests, put their shifts up for grabs and bid on open shifts all in one place. Its easy to use for the staff and for the scheduling manager (me). All requests are in one place so instead of me having to check emails, text messages, and notes, all I have to do is log in and start scheduling. The template and drag/drop functions make creating a schedule a cinch. The chat and announcement functions are great too - I can tell staff about meetings, training classes, specials and general announcements all in one place instead of having multiple email threads and text message chains going and the staff can communicate with one another easily. In addition to how easy the app and website are to use, the customer service has been excellent. Any time I have a question or a problem I receive timely responses from the 7shifts team. I recommend this app to every manager I know.

Kate McCormick

The Human Bean

Medford, OR

So far we absolutely love 7shifts! Of course at first it was a bit of a transition with anything but the more we get to know it the easier it becomes. It is so helpful that it integrates right with Toast so we can see actual real time sales and labor percentages. Before 7shifts we had a harder time identifying labor percentages. With 7shifts our managers have improved the way they schedule since it predicts sales for the schedule they are making. It makes switching shifts, getting shifts covered, entering in requests off, and availability with the baristas so much easier on the baristas and the managers. We also have dabbled a little bit with using the messaging and announcements and that works well. There are so many great aspects of 7shifts that can make everything so much easier, some of which we just haven’t explored enough of.

Jacqueline Soppe | Director of Operations | Coffee Shop

Pizza Inn

I used to spend over three hours every week making a schedule for my restaurant. Manually having to go through everyone’s written request and updated availability bogged down the process before ever really getting started. We got a free trial with 7shifts and I was a little skeptical. We had tried other software-based scheduling apps before but nothing seemed to flow and fit within the needs of our store. But when I finally started with 7shifts I was pleasantly surprised. The setup was easy and I was immediately stunned by the fluidity and ease that I found in getting started. Before I knew it, I was able to go from over three hours to make my schedules to now being able to do it in under 90 minutes. The employees LOVE it too! I highly recommend 7shifts to any restaurant manager. Give it a shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Ryan Summers | General Manager | Full Service

San Francisco Brewing Co.

San Francisco, CA

Great App!! Its helps my staff and me be all On the same page for shift and vacations!!

Joshua Leavy | Owner & Brewmaster | Brewery

Fork & Bottle

Its a great product, operates as a punch clock, scheduler, and labour cost calculator. Makes life a lot easier for everyone involved. Management has an easy tool to set and change schedule and send messages to the entire staff. Employees have their schedules available instantaneously and can easily swap shifts and book time off.

Jay Hallam | Full Service

The Tin Pan

Richmond, VA

I own two restaurants - one, a 200-seat music venue, and the other a small but high-volume bakery. Before 7shifts, I was constantly fielding emails with time off requests, scrambling to find coverage for shifts, and worrying about whether everyone had the latest version of the schedule (which often ended up as schedule_v16.xls).

7shifts has completely changed the efficiency of my businesses and changed the way I personally spend time managing employees. Its even allowed me to identify key shifts and figure out the exact hours when I need to have certain roles arrive for work. This app is so much better than any manual scheduling methods - total lifesaver!

Kevin Liu | Owner | Bar/Pub

Two Tuff Meatballs

Chilliwack, BC

Their customer service is very knowledgeable and helpful, even with small questions. After initial set up, the website and app are really easy to use. Ive managed to schedule the entire week, around different availability and days off in under 7 minutes. I love the announcement system. It makes communications with all staff very easy. Lastly, its affordable! When i researched similar companies, they typically charge a high fee based on a per employee/ per month model. 7shifts charges a low monthly rate. This is great for restaurants as we tend to have more part time employees. Its also specifically designed for restaurants whereas other companies try to service many verticals at once. When that happens, people get charged for many features that arent required for they specific needs.

Keith Caravetta | Owner

Burrito Boyz

Ontario, CA

[The franchisees] are building better schedules faster than ever, and it’s helped them streamline communication with their teams. They have seen the labor savings. They’ve seen the time and efficiency savings. It’s just helping them run their restaurant easier than before because they don’t have to focus so much on their labor side of things—they can focus more on running the restaurant.

Aaron Jacobs | Operations Manager | QSR

Pizza Inn

As a Pizza Inn franchisee, 7shifts has been a tremendous benefit to my business. We have been able to significantly streamline our scheduling and staff communication with free mobile apps. In addition, the software is extremely easy to use and setup.

Kaleb Herrley | Operator & Pizza Inn Franchisee | Full Service


Denver, CO

7shifts has helped us with our labor targets a lot. It’s been something we had to improve on as a company. 7shifts does a great job of giving us better eyes on our labor targets with the Budget tool that’s built-in. Several of our operations are using it, as forecasting itself takes time and training.

TJ McReynolds | Area Director | QSR

Revolu Taqueria

Peoria, AZ

7shifts makes less work for us to have to do. I can access it wherever - my house, the mall. It’s extremely user friendly.

Deena Gracia | Owner | Full Service

Andy's Frozen Custard

20+ Locations

Very intuitive and easy to use. Not much of a learning curve.

Kris Keeler | District Manager | Enterprise

Leinugugel Brewing Co.

Chippewa Falls, WI

We love 7shifts! It has saved me time in my weekly schedule for over 50 people. My employees love it also.

Kirsten Schoenberg | Brewery

Tin Kitchen

Charlotte, NC

7shifts is a restaurant managers dream application for scheduling. 7shifts simplifies the task of scheduling both for management and for the employees. I have been using 7s for a little over 2 years and in that time the developers have made dozens of time-saving improvements to the desktop and mobile applications. On the rare occasion you will need support, the team is very responsive. Most of my communications have been to suggest tweaks and I can say they give all recommendations serious consideration. With the latest improvements to the mobile app, you can do almost everything on the fly and react immediately to staff changes without having to go to the desktop. I researched all of the choices and I could not be happier with 7shifts. I highly recommend 7shifts.

Sean O'Malley


Waterloo, ON

This app is indispensable. I use it daily for making schedules and as a time clock for my employees. Easy to set up and to use. Much better than paper time cards and printed schedules. I would recommend to any business owner that needs to keep up with multiple employee schedules and hours.

Richard Patella | Manager

Playa Cabana

We're a busy multi-unit tequila bar in Toronto. 7shifts has helped me save money on labor and made scheduling across locations easier than ever - never going back!

Matthew King | Director of Operations

Rio San Antonio Cruises

San Antonio, TX

Though not a restaurant (we are a tour company on the San Antonio River in TX) this product has been a lifesaver and we were able to easily adapt it to our needs. Shift pool and Announcement features were game changers in how we connect with our employees.

Brandon Oliver | Director of Operations


I enjoy using 7shifts...it is simple, easy to use and keeps everything organized. The app on the phone makes it easy to check things and manage in the go. Totally worth the small monthly fee!

Stephanie Cass Holiman

Clean Juice

70+ Locations

The shift Pool for employees is an easy tool to minimize my involvement in shift trades. I can simply choose to approve or deny.

Billy Law | General Manager | Enterprise


Detroit, MI

The efficiency, flexibility and accessibility it gives team members. It allows me to keep their schedules straight and make weekly shifts available from the comfort of my home or office at work. Ive been a part of 7shifts nation for 7+ months now. After piloting 5 different programs I settled in with them due to the fluidity of their software and app.

Tyler Griffis | Owner | Pizzaria

Morano Gelato

Chesnut Hill, MA

After researching scheduling apps for my business, 7shifts proved to be the best and easiest to use. Customer service is outstanding - I was walked through the whole setup (they set it all up for me based on a simple scheduling template I had been using). My employees love it and its made my scheduling time much shorter. They seem to be constantly improving and developing new features - all of which, Im certain, will be helpful. Most important, they offer different packages based on the businesss needs and all are well-priced.

Morgan Morano | Owner | Cafe/Bistro

City Perks Coffeehouse

Saskatoon, SK

Absolutely my favorite tool as a manager for staffing. Helpful and the company listens to suggestions and is the best. Highly recommend

Daryl Grunau | Owner | Coffee Shop

Rickys All Day Grill Victoria

Victoria, BC

The ease of use, the daily roster helps us see staffing at a glance, the labor cost tool, the app makes you think in 15 min increments and the time clock is great showing the scheduled shift vs clocked in shift to help prevent theft of hours, making a change is instant to the staff. The instant support chat option on the bottom no searching for emails or phone numbers and if no one is on the chat they are very quick to answer your query. helps us control our payroll, allows us to instantly see where we can save hours, no more sticky notes on the board requesting time off. Staff love it and when they love something they use it! Staff are all aware of their shifts even if we are behind and publish late, no more staff calling in sick they use the app to give away their shifts it has taken the HR management of our business to a new level one without as much stress or work needed by the managers

Darell Crawford | Co Owner | Full Service

Zapien's Salsa Grill

Pico Rivera, CA

It's easy to use and if I didn't understand something my rep was very helpful and went through things more than once. I have nothing bad to say about the program nor the employees. Highly recommend to anyone that is considering using the program 7shifts.

Katie Caraballo | Assistant | Full Service

Mercy lounge

Nashville, TN

No glitches, easy to plug in data, many features. I can add an unlimited amount of employees and you cant beat the price. Phone app is excellent

Matthew Bell | General Manager | Bar/Pub

Mr. Macs

Manchester, NH

Program is user friendly and has exceeded all my needs. When I have an issue because of something I did wrong, service is impeccable! Full visibility of what is happening in the restaurants at all times. Schedules, manager log book, requests for time off, availability changes... system shows you everything immediately. Its amazing!

Harry Cheema | Owner | Fast Casual

Brass Tap

Tampa, FL

When we implemented 7shifts our staff was delighted - the communications tools are fantastic. Now that weve integrated our Toast POS with 7shifts, were getting even more out of it - managing and controlling our labor costs has never been easier.

Barry Lowenthal | Owner

The Melting Pot

7shifts is very intuitive, and that's important since we rely on it every day. My staff loves being able to use the mobile app to send in their time-off requests and I never have to worry that someone doesn't know when they work.

Rob Sanchez | Owner

The Cornucopia Cafe

Grantsville, MD

7shifts has made managing my employees much easier than in the past and has made them more reliable. They are more likely to find coverage for shifts and to show up because of it.

Emily Newman-Edwards | Macro Restaurateur | Cafe/Bistro

Panera Bread

20+ Locations

Getting an accurate labor projection was hard on Excel, everyone’s wage is specific. With 7shifts we can get accurate labor projections - it’s really helped us in the planning process.

Jacob Chaney | District Manager | Enterprise

Armando's Catering

I ADORE 7shifts, I love the fact that it is super easy to use on the app or on the website. It has relieved quite a bit if stress due to scheduling. It makes it easy when the team member has multiple roles as well.

Sarah Diab Drexler | Event and Catering Sales Manager | Catering

Dewey Beer Co

Dewey Beach, DE

This software has made my life so much easier. I am one of a few out there that enjoys building schedules and overthinks every single aspect of it. With that being said, I spent hours analyzing all the details of each individuals schedules and pride myself for never missing request off. 7shifts has made the process a lot simpler, faster and efficient and saved me at least 3 hours a week.

Diana Yap | General Manager | Brewery


Vancouver, BC

Great product with even better customer service, the team is always on the ball and happy to help.

John Crehan | Operations Manager

Moja Coffee

Vancouver, BC

7shifts platform and the support staff behind the program have made it very easy for our business to schedule our employees. Although we currently do not use the budget or labour tools we are finding that the communication and ease of use from smartphones with 7shifts is invaluable to our business. We have 2 locations across town from each other, with 7shifts it has made it incredibly easy for scheduling and communication for managers and staff. They feel linked together through this program.

Maria Wentzel | Admin | Coffee Shop

Impact Kitchen

Toronto, ON

With 7shifts, I can communicate easily to staff every day, including important things that I need my managers to be on top of. I cross-reference my schedule to the time-punches and check the Manager Log Book. I'm in 7shifts daily

Rachel Westelaken | Assistant Restaurant Manager | QSR

Paddlers Restaurant and Bar

Kaunakakie, HI

7shifts is one of the best investments Ive made for my business. By having a cloud based software program that allows my Employees to enter in their availability and requested time off on their own, I no longer have to remember anything regarding scheduling issues and it requires them to be responsible for their own scheduling needs. I simply just start making the schedule and when I schedule one of our staff on a day that conflicts with their days off it gives me a conflict error. This is probbly one of the best investments for keeping employee morale high! Thanks 7shifts.

Jason Chong | Bar/Pub

Dukes Barefoot Bar and Restaurant Waikiki

Honolulu, HI

As long as you put in the initial hours to program 7shifts, then you will save yourself so much time in the long run. We are now a more cohesive restaurant because of the way 7shifts has allowed us to communicate with each other. Its like a group Facebook page. We call each other out, post postive reviews for everyone to see and everyone is up-to-date with what is happening within the restaurant.

Rebecca W. | Communications

The Monarch Bar

Kansas City, MI

Pretty Outstanding Service. Solid interface, easy to use, and my staff really enjoys it. Alleviates MGMT time in scheduling and has upped communication. Havent had a problem.

Mark Church | Bar/Pub

The Plaza Suites

Santa Clara, CA

I dont know any other software that has made scheduling this convenient. Sends you alerts when someone has overtime.

Vanessa Fernandez | Guest Services | Full Service

Pizza Studio

I've been scheduling using 7shifts for the past 8 months and I totally love it. The new update makes it so much more efficient to schedule my staff! It takes less time due to the new organization and layout

Chad Madore | Assistant Manager | Pizzaria


New Hampshire

As we have grown from a 2 location business to a 5 location one, it is absolutely necessary for me to be able to see where everyone is throughout the week. 7shifts allows me to move employees around to fill shifts easily & to keep a close eye on the number of hours they are working. It has helped keep overtime in check which is critical. Honestly, I couldnt do my job without this program.

Michelle Hastings | Director of Operations | Fast Casual

Blue Moon Brewing Company

Denver, CO

Always fast to respond if I have a question, always making improvements to an already very nice product. Definitely a tool that I would never want to be without! Saves so very much time and headache.'

Ryan Fountain | General Manager | Brewery

Picklemans Gourmet Restaurant


7shifts has totally transformed scheduling at our restaurant! Super easy to use on the administrative side, as well as for employees. Weve been using it for about a year and I couldnt imagine going back to our old ways. Love it!

Ann Stippec | Director of Communications and Development | Full Service

Original Chimneys Inc

Toronto, ON

The App!! Keeping us all connected, its current always accurate. Saves us so much time. To be honest, I cannot think of anything we do not like about 7shifts. Its incredibly convenient and easy to use! Saving time, seeing everyones availability, its always current and up to date. Everyone is connected and can access schedule and posts instantly through the app.

Kristin Butler | Managing Partner

850 Degrees Pizzeria

Toronto, ON

Having used the other “top” scheduling software... this is simply the best, for value, customer service and product features

Chris Beard | Pizzaria

Red Brick Tavern

Conroe, TX

Our bar is in a college town with over 40 employees and we receive tons of shift changes every week due to changing schedules. 7shifts helps me to stay organized with all the requests and changes. Prior to 7shifts it would take me 3 hours per week to make the schedules. Now I create the monthly schedule in 30 minutes and just moments a day to approve requests.

Aaron Ward | General Manager | Bar/Pub

1000 Degrees Pizza


7shifts makes scheduling so much easier at a very reasonable price. Employees have no excuses to not know the shifts they are assigned. Allows for time off requests and shifts to be placed up for grabs. Lots of manager controls to be as strict or as flexible as you need to be. Highly recommended

Jim Samples | President | Pizzaria


Las Cruces, MN

I looked into a lot of other scheduling apps, they all left lot to be desired, or if there are ones comparable to 7shifts they nickle and dime you to death. I like 7shifts for its simplicity and economics.

Arif Bashir Khan

Dairy Queen

Glen Ellyn, IL

Everything I need to create the weekly schedule for DQGE with very little hands-on work. Employees submit their availability via mobile app, and 7shifts populates the schedule from my weekly template - I may give it a tweak or two, but 7shifts gets me very close to where I need to be every week. I used to spend 3-4 hours a week creating the schedule by hand. With 7shifts its under ten minutes. There is some initial set-up time to enter employee information and create schedule templates, but its a very straightforward process and 7shifts support is very responsive.

Jon Luttrell | Owner Operator | QSR

Beans N Cream

Sun Prairie, WI

I looked at several different apps before I decided on 7shifts, bit it really was no contest. The price was right, and it was so user friendly. I have had little to no issue figuring the software out on my own. My employees love that they get notified as soon as the schedule is posted. It's so easy for them to change their availability and switch shifts. I love that I can accept or decline shifts being traded based on who is working.

Myndi Pergram | Manager | Coffee Shop

Bubbles Tea and Juice co


It is easy to use. Has the small feel for a small business, but does all the things a big business needs too!

Joe Ebner | Jr. Operations Partner | Juice Bar

Serendipity Catering

Regina, SK

I use 7shifts not only for my kitchen scheduling, but most importantly for my part-time catering event staff. Most of our event staff signs up for shifts based on their availability, 7shifts allow us to be much more flexible, increases the communication to staff about upcoming events and allows us to schedule weeks in advance. This app/program has saved me probably at least 5 hours per week. Thank you!

Jon Downes | Owner Operator | Catering

Pizza Hut

Overall good program with restaurant in mind. Good support staff. Abundant features to get the job done. I wish a few of the features were user defined.

Bobby Brewer | Full Service

Bonfire Restaurant Group

Myrtle Beach, SC

Great customer support, continued improvements, easy to use.

Dan Weaver


Miami Beach, FL

7shifts is BAR NONE the best when it comes to customer support and I’m a hard, hard audience - I’ve worked with a lot of different software companies

Suzy Vera | Human Resources Director | Full Service

Mr. Puffs

Life saving experience. With 7shifts, your schedule is easily accessible. You do not have to worry about not being at work to see your schedule or forgetting because it reminds you. Also, it allows people to bit their shifts if they have a situation coming up. I like the fact that it is accessible on mobile so you don't have to necessarily be on a computer. time management for employee is the most important problem 7Shift solves. For managers, it's shows you who put their availabilities and if they don't, it shows to managers to ask them. Also it allows to have a global view of the schedule and what changed should me made

Coralie | Saler | Bakery

Mozzarella Di Bufala Pizzeria

7shifts has amazing support. Couple that with a very easy to use service that frees up a manager's time and you've got a company I have no qualms blurbing about. Value your time, use 7shifts!

Diogo Martini

Jet Pizza


7shifts is great. Great experience. Would recommend to anyone. The pros are the ease of use. Great flexibility with employee scheduling options. 

Kyle McLaughlin | Manager | Pizzaria

ChocolateDude Cacao Y Cafe’

A great value. 7shifts allows me to take a much more strategic approach to scheduling. Before 7shifts, I managed my schedule manually and most of my mental energy was spent creating the scheduling template and organizing my employee's scheduling requests. With 7shifts, the template is already created and the employees are in charge of managing their own requests. The end result, I can spend my time scheduling my employees strategically to best meet my anticipated demand at the greatest value.

Kurt Oelsner | Owner | Cafe/Bistro

Andy's Frozen Custard

20+ Locations

7shifts has allowed us to allow our team to have a say in their schedule. It’s created a much better employee experience than a paper schedule.

Travis Leaming | Regional Manager | Enterprise

Square Café

Pittsburgh, PA

Lots of great features. Helps managers stay connected as well as all employees. No more slips of paper with requests for days off. It's all submitted and approved through the app. We are also able to block days that we don't want anyone to take off. 7shifts also is integrated with our POS Toast. They continue to develop more and more features

Sherree Goldstein | Owner | Cafe/Bistro

The Beer Research Institute

Prescott, AZ

Smart interactive software that helps me manage my business and save labor.

Zachary Forsythe | General Manager

Temper Chocolate & Pastry

West Vancouver, BC

After the first week of scheduling, I knew that I'd do anything to convince my boss to keep using 7shifts. It takes the headache out of time off requests, availability and scheduling, by keeping everything in the same place and with an attractive and easy-to-use interface.

Michelle Linhart | Store Manager | Bakery

Harbor Watch

Ocean City, MY

Hands down the best time management app I have ever found. As a manager of over 100 employees I have eliminated the confusion and surprises in my employee scheduling. The staff loves the app and the labor management features pay for the software in just a few weeks. We implemented for one week and never looked back. My staff loves 7shifts and I can imagine ever going back to life without this technology.

Jeb Vetock | General Manager

Ottos's Bierhalle

Toronto, ON

The biggest benefit to being a 7shifts client is definitely efficiency and simplicity. 7shifts has a simple vibe and easy functionality. People catch on quickly.

Konrad Droeske | Co Owner | Full Service

Twin Kiss

Clayton, NJ

Absolutely love using this program. It works perfect for the restaurant I manage.

Tylor Yarrison | Manager | QSR

Smoothie King

Coppell, TX

In one month of using 7shifts, all three of my locations have dropped their labor by 5-7%. The three locations used to spend upwards of 25% total on labor. Now we are [at] 15% and below on labor spending.

Mackenzie Rautanen | Area Supervisor | QSR

Andy's Frozen Custard

20+ Locations

7shifts has made scheduling and communicating two things that went smooth when dealing with all the issues that are common with new openings. Also, it has made a scheduling a task that went from taking hours to do to something that can be done in a fraction of the time. Thats because the interface makes everyones availability easy to access.I am a regional manager in a new market. We have opened 3 stores in 9 month period. 7shifts has made some of the challenging tasks easier.

Gary Marker | Regional Manager | Enterprise

Chopped Leaf

25+ Locations

We moved from WhenIWork over to 7shifts, it was very easy and the 7shifts team did all the migrating of data. Staff were up and running in no time and they love the messaging feature in 7shifts! I also like that you can offer up shifts for others to take directly from the mobile app.

Jenn Szoo | Enterprise

Black Rock Coffee Bar

35+ Locations

This app is a fantastic time saver for very easy and intuitive labour management.

Mike Svechnikar | Full Service

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7shifts is a reputed scheduling software solution for restaurants, bars and similar hospitality venues, designed to improve employee attendance, evenly and effectively distribute workload among available workers, and significantly reduce labor costs. Managers love 7shifts as it takes care of their scheduling processes with ease, giving them more time to focus on quality customer service.

Software Advice

7shifts is an online employee scheduling software system designed for shift workers operating in the restaurant industry. The solution allows employees to check their upcoming shifts, scheduled availability and time-off requests from the 7shifts home screen using a mobile app.

If a worker is unexpectedly unable to make it to their assigned shift, the app allows employees to offer their shifts to other workers who are available, who can then bid on that shift. The unavailable employee can then reassign their shift to another worker with a single click.

If an employee’s availability changes, they can make a note within the app, which managers can then view and approve. Workers can even request time off, and managers can view and approve these requests from their own mobile device.

Fit Small Business

7shifts is a mobile and web-based employee scheduling tool designed for the restaurant industry. It features automated scheduling, calendar management, shift scheduling, time tracking, an employee database, and more. We compiled user reviews from around the web and determined that 7Shift has a mix of positive and negative ratings. We also cover the pricing options for small business owners.


7shifts has essentially simplified the scheduling process and made it quicker and more time-efficient through the features and capabilities it offers. The way schedules are created, shifts are adjusted and updated, the way managers and their employees communicate and the way labor-related costs are effectively reduced—all of these are made possible with the design and functionality brought about by the 7shifts restaurant and hospitality software solution.

7shifts is a robust and comprehensive system that isn’t just designed to be used for employee scheduling. It has a wide range of tools that empower workers to be more productive in their work and allow them to submit requests for time offs and trade shifts with other qualified co-workers.

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