Custom Messaging and Push Notifications That Drive Engagement

Automate and send personalized messages based on real-time user behavior, preferences, and cross-channel engagement.

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Increase Your Open Rates

Personalized content can quadruple your open rates. The key is sending content your users want to see based on actions they've taken - what content they've viewed and when they viewed it.

We make it easy to auto-target users based on the content they view, notification topic , what originally led them to subscribe , where they are in your user journey .

Businesses saw a 259% boost in engagement rates when they used messages with personalized content.

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Turn Notifications into Conversations

Anything you know about your users can be utilized to personalize. For example, if your users sign up with their name, include that in the message, so the notification comes off as a friendly note .

If you have a site or app where users can interact with each other, notifications are a great way to include the social activity taken by those users. These are most commonly used by marketplaces, social networks, and sites/apps that allow user comments.

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Browser notifications are an extremely effective way to bring people back. We use them to tell our community the moment a notable product launches and when users are mentioned in comments.
Ryan Hoover

Founder, Product Hunt

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