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Every App Needs Push

When you pick up your phone, the first messages you see are push notifications — maybe there’s a breaking news alert, game update, or a response from a dating site. Whatever it is, chances are it came from us. Push notifications are the top driver of app re-engagement and OneSignal is the #1 SDK used by app developers.

4 Types of Push

Promos & Updates

Deliver these types of system notifications to inform users of new features and opportunities, such as a holiday discount or an exclusive trial.

User Messages

Let someone know when their username is mentioned in a thread or if someone directs a message to them through your app.

Transactional Notification

Build loyalty by setting up push notifications triggered by events. For example, let a user know when a package ships, car arrives, flight is delayed, or bill is due.

Conversion Driver

Maybe your user hasn’t completed their profile yet or they left an item in their shopping cart. Send a friendly, personalized message to get them back.

Our platform supports iOS, Android, and more so you can easily send eye-catching notifications across different mobile devices.

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Send Messages That Maximize Your Reach

On average, 52% of app users subscribe to push notifications. Get more by providing a reason to opt-in before the required push permission pop-up. OneSignal includes a free in-app message for this very purpose! 🚀

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Ensure Relevancy

Create customized Journeys to send relevant messaging based on user attributes or behavior - for example, set a follow-up message for 24 hours after they download the app. Or, select Intelligent Delivery and we'll leverage machine learning to drastically improve your CTR.

Common Push Notification FAQs

If you have an app with active users, the answer is yes! Mobile push notifications are often the first thing we see when we pick up our phones. They are the most direct and effective method of communicating with app users and driving engagement after a user leaves your app. On average, push notifications earn 10 times greater engagement than email. If you want to remain visible to your users and improve app retention, you should definitely use mobile push notifications. Learn more about what push notifications should and shouldn’t be used for .

Mobile push notifications are the first thing users see when they pick up their phone. With mobile notifications, you can create transactional and marketing opportunities , while also driving user retention and engagement.

Mobile push notifications have a variety of benefits. They’ve been shown to improve message visibility, increase user retention and engagement, drive conversions, and help create a better, more seamless user experience .

Mobile push notifications software can be expensive, but not with OneSignal. With OneSignal, you can send notifications for free! If you want to expand and scale up your messaging strategy, we also offer additional channels and more sophisticated plans starting at $9 per month. Check out our pricing page for more details or create a free account to try it out for yourself.

Mobile push notifications are small, pop-up messages that can appear on a mobile device even when a user isn’t actively using an app. They are sent using a push notification service — every app platform, such as iOS and Android, has its own push notification service. These notifications can be used for reminders, transactional updates, promotions, and much more. Check out our Ulitmate Guide to Mobile Push Notificaitons to learn about the history of push notifications, best practices, use cases by industry, and proven strategies.

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OneSignal's push notifications have been instrumental in helping us reach our goals. They are quick to implement and use. We use push notifications throughout our user's journey.
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